9 March 2023
The doctor has been taking care of me for the last 7 years and has helped me a lot to overcome various forms of dermatological problems, always pointing me to the right treatment. Especially for the restoration of the skin after a coccyx cyst operation that had severe healing difficulties, I will be forever grateful to her. For the last 4 years, I have experience in the field of aesthetics that is offered in her clinic and I am completely satisfied with her colleagues in this field. I highly recommend her office for both the medical and cosmetic aspects.

Vana Toumanidi

14 February 2023
In a problem that had started to take time, it provided a solution both in the immediate treatment of the symptoms and in the permanent therapeutic effect. Very good approach to the patient and his problem, updated, with modern methods and excellent results. I highly recommend her!!!

Emmanuel Petropoulos

14 February 2023
My face felt tired and needed renewal. The girls and the doctor with a lot of love for their work and patience guided me after the treatment exactly what to follow.
I will definitely go again!!

Andrew Nicol

March 23, 2022
Well done! A spotless place, a well-tuned orchestra with impeccable performers,conducted by a Doctor-Man who honors the oath she gave… What else to ask for? Rare combination of science, thorough control, organization, consistency, guidance, communication, meekness, kindness and humanity. I am grateful to you once again!

Katerina Lioliou

March 21, 2022
There is no better feeling than that of trust. You are left in her hands and you do not worry about anything. People, honesty, excellent knowledge of dermatology. Mrs Karampoiki is a real scientist. The staff friendly, informed and polite. The space of the cleanest that you can meet observing all the measures for covid.

Diana Schiza

March 12, 2022
Excellent doctor with method and system. She really cares about the patient. Excellent service

Maria Chatzi

February 23, 2022
Amazing and incredibly talkative people, with real interest for the patient, excellent professionals with a wide range of treatments at very good prices. In the doctor’s office the environment is calm, familiar and from the first moment you feel comfortable. The doctor and the well-trained staff inspire you security and trust. Very typical in making appointments with no tedious expectations. I highly recommend them for all ages.

ada kougoulou

November 29, 2021
Excellent treatment and personalized approach to each case! The doctor is an impeccable professional and human being, like the rest of the clinic staff.

Vivi Triantafylli

January 22, 2021
The best dermatologist and man! Experienced, trained, professional and at the same time accessible and willing to listen to the patient’s problem. I found a solution to a very difficult case of acne that was bothering me. As for the rest of the staff, they are always polite and helpful. Only the best I have to say for the whole team. I highly recommend it !!

Evangelia Anagnostou

October 17, 2020
Mrs. Karampoiki is an excellent doctor, trained and always willing to answer even the slightest question.
She always gives targeted solutions, without anything superfluous.
I also like the fact that she carefully chooses her partners and does not change them, which always makes me feel safe, because I know that I will always have a consistent level of service.
I highly recommend it

Eirini Kasimati