Many times we wonder…

how can we get rid of the dark circles from our eyes that may have been bothering us for many years.

What, after all, is periocular hyperpigmentation, otherwise known as dark circles, and what causes it?

Dark circles can exist and be due to hereditary factors but they are also affected by many of our daily habits.

When we have dark circles we must:

  • Adopt a proper sleeping position-back with an additional pillow
  • Do not rub our eyes
  • To use dermatological products of very good quality.
  • Do not forget the daily make-up remover
  • Apply a balanced diet
  • To do our standard blood test
  • Avoid excessive and unprotected sun exposure
  • Limit smoking and alcohol
  • If swelling in the eye area suddenly appears, consult your doctor for further investigation.

However, a key factor in the existence of dark circles is the thin skin in the periocular area and the increased concentration of melanin, resulting in the appearance of blood vessels.

How can we deal with dark circles?

Because dark circles do not always have a specific cause, the way they are treated is different for each case.

In general and in case the dark circles are due to excessive concentration of melanin then we try with various whitening treatments to discolor the area. Peelings offer us a wide range of options so that after some treatments we can see a significant improvement in our problem.

An additional treatment we apply is eye mesotherapy. Using a very fine needle, we inject substances such as non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid, various vitamins, peptides, antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols and organic silicon in order to hydrate, whiten and activate the collagen in the area.

In several cases and where the problem is quite persistent we can combine it with Fractional CO2. The appropriate protocol for each case is chosen by the doctor after receiving the history which in most cases can lead us to choose the most appropriate method.

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