Over time, both the collagen and the hyaluronic acid in our body decrease and the wrinkles become more and more visible. Wrinkles deepen and our face is not as firm as we would like it to be. One of the most visible wrinkles are the nasopharyngeal grooves or otherwise smile wrinkles.


From what age can it be applied?

Very often these wrinkles appear at younger ages as they can come either from weight loss or from structural causes. The material is suitable for all ages and of course for the need for which it is intended and always according to the approval of the dermatologist.


Does the application of hyaluronic acid to nasonabial wrinkles hurt?

Before applying the hyaluronic acid,we apply an anesthetic cream for 30-45 minutes and then proceed with its application. The treatment is painless and the results are immediately visible.

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