During the clinical examination of the patient…

the dermatologist will evaluate a set of parameters regarding the colour, texture, infiltration of nevi and other evidence present in the skin.</p >

The daily habits, profession, hobbies, genetic predisposition, are revealed to the dermatologist’s eyes through the traces they leave on the skin and enable the assessment of the patient and as well as proper prevention and treatment.

Dermoscopy is a non-invasive diagnostic method of examining the skin. It is performed with the use of the dermatoscope, a medical insrument that uses special lighting and magnification to reveal colour structures, patterns not visible to the naked eye.

This method is suitable for the examination of nevi and many pigmented lesions of the skin. It also enables the doctor to diagnose melanoma and many others situations with great accuracy. During the examination, both the general dermoscopic structure and localized dermatoscopic features are assessed.

The use of dermoscopy now extends beyond diagnosis to treatment selection and patient follow-up.

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