Vascular lesions appear…

on the skin of the face and body, from a very young age, initially as small superficial vessels, red, purple or blue, and can appear in larger areas of our skin.

The appearance of these lesions on the face is mainly due to excessive exposure to sunlight, rosacea , hereditary factors, aging, pregnancy, systemic diseases and mechanical injury to the skin during cleansing and waxing.

In the body, vascular lesions are found, more often in the legs, mainly in women – and their cause is factors such as heredity, orthostasis, hormonal disorders, pregnancy, venous insufficiency, obesity, sunlight.

Unfortunately, preventing these lesions from occurring is not possible. But modern medical technology helps us deal with the problem quickly and painlessly.

Vbeam dye laser has very good results on the face.

For vascular lesions of the legs after evaluation of the problem, sclerosis injections or the ND- Yag laser are recommended.

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