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Learning to take care of yourself is primarily an act of self-respect strong>. Learning to take care of your skin in the way is an action with two recipients: your inner and outer world.

You will be filled with satisfaction, well-being and as a reflection from the eyes of others you will receive part< strong> of the brilliance that you will be radiating.

Doing it the right way is our matter and yours. It has as much rigor as the combination of science and human uniqueness allows. It is the objective that knows how to coexist with the subjective element of personal aesthetics and special needs. Prevention and care is not a luxury, nor is the proper use of the means provided by research to address the changing needs of your skin.

The Aboutskin team works with this view and invites you to talk with them.< /span>


The skin is the largest organ of our body. It works as a means of communication with the environment and at the same time, as a protective barrier protecting us from possible external aggressive factors.

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Cosmetic medical treatments and techniques aimed at treating photoaging and other skin appearance problems as well as repairing various damages.

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We have respected the architecture of the building Aboutskin is housed in and have managed, with careful decorative interventions, for Art and Science to coexist in harmony.

Within our holistic understanding of skin health and beauty, we want both us who work and those who visit us to feel calm and cared for.

With prices adapted to the current conditions and requirements of the time, services are offered regarding both the prevention and restoration of skin problems as well as its rejuvenation.

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    Katerina Lioliou

    March 23, 2022
    Well done! A spotless place, a well-tuned orchestra with impeccable performers,conducted by a Doctor-Man who honors the oath she gave… What else to ask for? Rare combination of science, thorough control, organization, consistency, guidance, communication, meekness, kindness and humanity. I am grateful to you once again!

    Diana Schiza

    March 21, 2022
    There is no better feeling than that of trust. You are left in her hands and you do not worry about anything. People, honesty, excellent knowledge of dermatology. Mrs Karampoiki is a real scientist. The staff friendly, informed and polite. The space of the cleanest that you can meet observing all the measures for covid.

    Maria Chatzi

    March 12, 2022
    Excellent doctor with method and system. She really cares about the patient. Excellent service