A successful and beautiful lip augmentation… is the component of the aesthetic aspect of the doctor, the anatomy of the patient as well as her own desires.

At the initial counseling appointment, there is a discussion about the concerns and wishes of each patient. Does the patient want bigger lips or just have a highlighted outline? Does the physical construction and anatomy allow what the mind and fashion seek? Through the discussion and with the possibilities that the advanced hyaluronic acid gives us, we can achieve a very beautiful result in harmony with the other features of the face.


From what age can we put hyaluronic acid on the lips?

Although there are no particular concerns about hyaluronic acid, we pursue to put hyaluronic acid after the age of 18 years. At young ages what young women want is the growth of lip volume while at older ages the restoration of lost volume.

Does the application of hyaluronic acid on the lips hurt?

Prior to the application of hyaluronic acid, local anesthesia is performed so that the treatment is painless.

Hyaluronic acid for lip augmentation - See the results

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