It is known to all of us by the word dandruff…

and while it is not a serious disorder, it is nevertheless a very annoying and mostly visible problem.

The causes are many and it is quite a difficult task to pinpoint a definitive the exact cause, and to find the right solution.

The most important factors that cause dandruff are:

– dry skin

– seborrheic dermatitis

– infrequent bathing

– psoriasis

– eczema

– various fungal infections

Dandruff can be experienced by almost all people, but men suffer more from dandruff due to male hormones. Also, people with oily hair are more likely to have dandruff as there are some fungi that feed on the oily substances of the scalp.

Dandruff can in many cases be controlled and treated and there are many medical shampoos that can be used, which, in combination with a balanced diet, and better stress management give the desired result.

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