Our clinic, taking into account all the data of the last year regarding the coronavirus and the pandemic, decided to offer as clean and safe environment as possible for the health of the people who visit us and work in the clinic.

For this purpose we have equipped all the offices with air purifiers – the WINIX air purifiers represented by the company HEALTHY HOUSE HELLAS and the PURE disinfection devices of the company PURE EQUIPMENT IKE.

Winix air purifiers are not ionizers and do not release ozone, which is dangerous to our health. They clean the air naturally and not mechanically through the ionization or ozone lamp that releases ozone.

WINIX air purifiers are effective in killing viruses (including Covid-19) thanks to the Hepa H13 filter and the innovative Plasmawave technology that creates hydroxyls and kills germs.

They have the approval of dozens of doctors (Pulmonologists, Allergists, Pediatricians, Gynecologists, Pathologists, Infectious Diseases, Cardiologists, etc.) who use and trust them in their clinics.

PURE devices provide continuous disinfection of the air by UVGI radiation when it is recycled in a chamber inside. The result of this completely safe process of irradiation and disinfection of the constantly recycling air is the TOTAL AND CONTINUOUS DISINFECTION of the space in which the device will be placed. “PURE” devices are completely safe for health.

UV-C RADIATION REMAINS LIMITED EXCLUSIVELY ON THE INTERIOR OF THE DEVICE (Certificate of non-leakage of UV-C radiation from the National Center for Laboratory Testing and Certification).