Social action and awareness for information, claiming and solving problems that affect the wider field of Health coexist with the enduring effort for scientific knowledge and training.



1997 Co-organization with ESYN (National Council against Drugs) and the theatrical group of 18 over two days of information against all Drugs in Monemvasia and Papadianika, Laconia.



2000 Founding member of PACMER (Panhellenic Association of Continuous Research of Young Doctors) of a Panhellenic Association of Volunteer Young Doctors with the main goal of conducting work and studying practices on the prevention of Neoplastic Disease.



2005 Participation in the information campaign of Nos. A. Syggros for the harmful effects of the sun with speeches in primary schools of Athens.



2005-2008 Member of the Board of OENGE (Federation of Associations of Hospital Doctors of Greece) and chairman of the three-member committee of EINAP of Nos. A. Syngros.



2012-2016 Head of cultural activities of the Chaidari Parents Association.



The clinic participates every year in May in the free of charge examination of patients within the European and Greek Week against Skin Cancer

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