It is completely normal for it to happen…

and it is part of the normal hair growth cycle to shed 10-15% at any given time as well as to have heavier shedding during certain seasons. But when this lasts a long time or the number of hairs that fall out is very large we have to investigate the state of our health. Anaemia? Thyroid problems? Medicines? Heart disease? In addition, the doctor applies the digital trichoscopy method, which significantly helps both in diagnosing and in monitoring treatment.

A visit to our dermatologist is essential for further assistance, investigation and treatment.

The hairs of our scalp have always played an important role in the appearance of the person since they are an expression of health, attractiveness and youth. Hair thinning often causes feelings of low self-esteem and insecurity.

To determine the type and causes of hair loss we rely on a detailed history, clinical examination and laboratory tests where we will see among other things < iron and ferritin levels, thyroid function (and antinuclear antibodies), vitamin levels and more.

Where deemed necessary by our dermatologist, a trichorizogram is also performed, which shows us exactly the percentages of hairs that are in the anagen, catagen, and telogen phase, their density, but also the hairs that are dystrophic and based on which we can certify the type of hair loss.

Based on the above results, the doctor informs the patient about the appropriate treatment, either pharmaceutical (with special lotions or oral vitamins or in combination with other methods, such as hair mesotherapy.

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