Acne is the most known dermatological problem…

and there are many myths surrounding it. A common myth is that it will pass with time, which is not the case.

When the body produces a lot of sebum, the dead cells “get stuck” inside the pore and, instead of rising to the surface, get trapped inside it. This is how the black and white spots are created.

Many times the bacteria that live on our skin (p.acnes bacteria) also enter the pore, which is the ideal environment for them to grow very quickly and cause inflammation. The pore becomes red and swells and if the inflammation progresses deep into the skin nodules and cysts are formed.

The exact cause of acne is unknown. Doctors believe it results from several related factors. Most people with acne are teenagers, although in recent years the number of adults with acne has increased greatly.

Many people think that someone has acne when they have pimples. The truth is that acne starts when the skin pore becomes blocked. Early diagnosis and treatment from preadolescence and adolescence, proper skin care, the collaboration of the parent with the dermatologist will help the teenager to deal with the issue of acne in a timely and effective manner.</p >

Generally, parents should realise that the treatment of acne needs to start early to prevent scarring. Treatment of scars is much more difficult despite the variety of means available to us. Methods are individualised according to the type of scars and skin type.

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