What is a V-beam Laser?

It is a pulsed Vbeam dye laser from Candela.

How does it work?

The energy of the Vbeam Laser penetrates the skin by acting directly on the superficial blood vessels, which are usually 0.1 to 1 millimeter in diameter and represent dilated veins, capillaries or arterioles. The varicose veins are located just below the skin and are usually red, blue or violet in color.

The Laser targets the varicose veins, as its energy is absorbed exclusively by the red pigment of the blood and these dilated capillaries, ie hemoglobin, while the surrounding tissue remains intact. With the heat generated, the blood in the vessel coagulates and the vessel is destroyed.

The above treatment is carried out by Dermatologist-Venereologist Vasiliki Karampoiki in a partnering center with Dermatological Lasers.

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